Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas: Pugh Style

We celebrated Christmas with KJ's family on the two days after Christmas this year.  It began with a fun day with the wider Pugh family and ended with our branch around the fire pit on the night of the 26th.

Those are a special pair of brothers.

Pugh cousins tend to come in pairs, though Eden arrived solo this year.  Here's the duo from 2012 showing each other some love.

Haddon was sporting the same hat he wore briefly last Christmas.  He seemed to enjoy it more this year.

Haddon got to start the present-opening fun a little early so that he would have more time to enjoy his special gift.  This little guy loves putting balls in the hoop but couldn't reach it by himself until now.

This picture is out of focus, but I love the face Haddon is making.  It is so typical of him when he's excited.

These two are really good at surprising us when they're in town with a quick visit.  It's always so good to see their faces.

And in case it's confusing, that's the newest KamPugh baby Hillary is holding, not hers!

The big girls slept in their new tent together on our "Christmas Eve."

The adults always stay up late and exchange gifts.  It's always such a good time of sharing about the year past and what we hope for the year ahead.  It was nearing midnight by the time I thought to document our time with a picture, and trying to fit the tree in the shot made for some funny positioning.

Things got a little silly.

"Christmas morning" Haddon won the "Best Bedhead" award.

I was also really happy to capture his face when he got the ball in the hoop.  He's such a fun little boy.

The kids had a really fun morning and a lot of fun playing together throughout the day.

It was a very merry Christmas indeed.

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