Friday, January 10, 2014

Franco Fridays: St. Denis

Friday was our mission team's last full day in Paris.  We started the day off in St. Denis, where we visited the cathedral and Parker taught us some of the history of that place.  

From outside the cathedral you can see a big market, similar to the one we visited in Belleville.  We spent some time walking through the area praying for the gospel to spread in this place where there are a huge number of immigrants.

The cathedral is the burial place of nearly every French king from the 10th to the 18th century.

There were some extraordinarily beautiful stained glass windows there.

The colors were just so beautiful, and I love the feeling of vast open space inside a cathedral.

 A bonus blessing to our Friday morning was meeting up with the newly engaged Sam and Ashlea, students from our church who were spending the semester studying the south of France.  They graciously got up really early and took a train up to Paris to spend our last day with us.

And thanks to Cedric for taking a group picture I could be in!

As we walked and prayed we were able to stop and talk to two more men and give them contact information for workers and a church who spoke their language.

Since we've been trekking through the gospels at such a furious pace in the past week, looking at this picture of the crowd makes me think of how Jesus felt such compassion for the crowds of people coming to Him.

Once again, we were so thankful for what a super job Reema did translating for us.

Pray for the people of St. Denis and for the Lord of the Harvest to send out laborers there. 

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