Monday, January 20, 2014

A Birthday

I turned another year older on Wednesday, and I was thankful to have three days of fun to enjoy last week.  

One of our friends wanted to have people over for dinner last Tuesday, and I may have casually mentioned that my birthday was the next day.  You celebrate when you can!  :)  She was really sweet to have an amazing cake for us all to enjoy Tuesday night.

Amber only used one box of candles, so it wasn't even my full age, and I still had a hard time blowing them all out!  There were little boys for James to play with, and Ella has been such a sweetheart about taking care of babies lately.  She was proud to feed sweet Gillian.

The kids and I did double the schoolwork on Tuesday so that I could enjoy a day off from teaching on Wednesday.  My mom drove down, and we had a really fun day eating out and shopping.  

Shopping for clothes has never lost its birthday appeal for me.  We came home to enjoy another scrumptious cake my mom made, and she hung a shelf in Ella's room that I painted last Saturday.  Ella wanted to mark the occasion with a picture.  I can't imagine where she got that idea.

I was using my iPod to take pictures, so it didn't really capture the detail of the blueberries on my cake.  They weren't quite a blob. 

I didn't take pictures of the rest of the night, but KJ and I taught our Awana class and then shared a meal with our church.  My sweet mother-in-law kept the kids for the night so I could accompany KJ to college Bible Study, which was such a treat.  And since Thursday is KJ's day off I was able to claim birthday privileges for that day, too.  I am thankful for time with friends and family, even though the number of my years is creeping up in this new decade.  Ah, well.

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