Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Jamie + Jenni's One Year Anniversary

Jenni asked me to take a few pictures to commemorate her first wedding anniversary, and it was so much fun.  She made the job easy since she had a plan for the pictures she wanted.  It had been a while since I photographed adults; they're a tad bit easier to get situated than children. 

She brought a slice of their wedding cake, which had been frozen, and I loved that she brought milk in their champagne glasses.  I don't know if the taste of the cake made it through the first year as well as Jamie and Jenni did.

See what I mean?  At least they had milk to wash it down.

I asked them what most surprised them about marriage after one year.  Jamie had a good answer:  "How often she'd be right."  :)

Here's to many more happy anniversaries for them.

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