Friday, April 18, 2014

Franco Fridays: Normandy American Cemetery

When I look back at pictures I realize what a whirlwind the second day of our road trip through Normandy was.  After visiting Omaha Beach we drove to the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial. It might seem a little funny, but there really was something reassuring about stepping on to American soil, even in a foreign land.  It's the comfort of "I know the cultural rules here, and I can speak the language, and I bet they will have free bathrooms."  All of those things were true.  KJ even gave a Roll Tide to a man from Louisiana who worked there. 

It's a solemn and respectful place, a place to be quiet and meditate on the events that necessitated it.

The pine trees all lean in over the graves due to the endless wind off of the sea.  Pine trees are so common where we live that KJ has never really appreciated them until being here.  They reminded us of home and seemed right in this place.  The grounds are kept impeccably, and there was not a stray pine cone to be found.

The memorials are beautiful.

We are thankful, and we honor the courage and sacrifice this place represents.

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