Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter Preparation

Last Friday night KJ was working late, and the kids and I had a lot of time together; it seemed like a good time to dye eggs.

I forgot to buy an Easter Egg dye kit this year, but then I remembered that I had bought Neon food coloring last year for the purpose of trying something different.  I had also bought these little Q-Tips filled with some kind of paint/dye for drawing designs on the eggs.  The Heinz ketchup and Northanger Abbey are optional for an egg-dying party.

Sweet James saw the picture of fully-colored eggs on the computer and thought he was supposed to achieve it via the Q-tip.  So he attempted painting the entire thing.

This resulted in dye on the fingers, which he wasn't so sure about.  But then the kids spied a bag of marshmallows in the baking supplies and took a break from the egg-decorating project.

I'm just not a huge marshmallow fan, but my kids love those things.  I do remember a friend in high school who brought them as a snack, and we thought we could eat as many as we wanted because they were fat free.  That was back before sugar was a thing, I guess.

See if you can catch it in your mouth, James!

I think Ella is the only one who succeeded in that department.

Saturday was a sad day of learning my Papa had passed away in the night, but the Lord was near, and there was grace to slow down and let Ella help me make cookies.  There was grace in enjoying the gift of that moment with my family.

Ella and I couldn't believe how nicely our cookies turned out; I am such an amateur baker, so I am really excited when I find something that works.  Now I know THIS roll-out sugar cookie recipe (the cookies are delicious and soft) and THIS frosting recipe from The Pioneer Woman.  It spreads nice and thin without being a huge mess.  It was perfect.

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