Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ella's New Paint Job

Waaay back in April I wrote about Ella's Princess bed and how her room was slowly going to change, and I meant to post some pictures of how her room was coming together, but we went to France for two weeks, celebrated our anniversary, then summer went into full swing, and I never got around to it.  

We really haven't done too much to her room since April, and there are still quite a few things to do, but I'm pleased with the start we made, though I'm finding it hard to capture the color perfectly in-camera.

We started here.

Here you see the remains from her Brave birthday party on her door and in the right corner, and the clutter...oh the clutter.  Cleaning out and organizing seem like a constant process, am I right?  Where does it all come from? 

Here's where we are now.

I'm not sure if the Princess toy organizer will stay around once I get furniture on that wall sorted, but it's still there for now.  For the longest time I've been wanting to replace the knobs on the dresser with something fun from Hobby Lobby; I just haven't gotten around to spending money on that yet.  But I do love the white and aqua.

I'm also in love with her clean dresser-top.  It was such a mess, and I now have a strict no-clutter policy about it.

Just look at the top of that dresser.  Ahhh!!!  And as for all the toys, maybe we could store the doll stroller and buggy in the garage now that we've got that cleaned out.

I think we plan to put a desk on the right side of this wall and to lose the princess storage.  My plan now is to hang some size-able shelves on the wall that could have baskets for storage on them.  We'll see.

Again, I'm just really glad to have gotten rid of some clutter and to have space to display things that are really important to Ella, like all of her hand-painted Princess statues. :)

Farewell, toddler bed.  You served her well from two to six-years-old.  Also, good-bye, glow-in-the-dark stars.

My mom found Ella this little white bed that was perfect for our space; it wasn't much wider than the toddler bed.  I found her some aqua and white sheets but haven't really looked into a bedspread yet.  It's been so hot she's perfectly fine with just sleeping with the sheet for now.  

So there's where we are so far.  Due to the master bath needing a new coat of paint, I've been daydreaming about color schemes all day, so I may have some more painting projects coming your way.

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