Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Little Beauty

I loved getting to spend some time with my niece, Claire, this past week.  It's fun to watch her flit around the room, long blonde curls bouncing behind her.  I wanted to capture those blonde curls after our family picture, but she was so bouncy I ended up with face shots instead...which were beautiful, too, of course.

I just couldn't decide if I liked color or black and white better on this one.


  1. Oh, Lynn. I miss my girl, and it's soooo good to see her here. I do love these pictures so much! Thank you for your kind words & for capturing Claire.

    1. Oh, I know you're missing her! I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures, and we are enjoying having her here. She's making fun memories, but I know she'll be glad to get back to you, too.