Monday, July 22, 2013

Busy Weekend, Busy Week

We had lots of celebrations and gatherings this weekend, and as I think back on it this morning I am so grateful for the body of Christ and the people in our church.  They make our lives full and meaningful both when we get to serve and give to them and when they are speaking truth into our lives and being generous with us.

Friday morning we received an invitation to come swim at a friend and church member's new pool.  It was such a peaceful, relaxing spot, and the kids and I had so much fun.  It was really our first visit to an outdoor pool this summer.

practicing her underwater swimming skills

Saturday we attended a surprise cookout celebrating the upcoming birth of a precious little girl, who is scheduled to arrive into the world August 6 if she doesn't decide to come earlier.  Johnna knows how to throw a lovely party for sure, and we're so excited for Amber and baby Gillian.

After racing home for James' nap we then met my parents for dinner to celebrate my mom's birthday.  We love you so much, Debbo!  I feel weird calling you "Debbo."  Happy birthday, Mom. :)

Yesterday I got to go to the baby shower of my dear college friend, Chandra.  Her girls were the ones we had such a fun outing with at the movies.  I'm so excited for their family adding a baby boy to the mix.  He'll receive no shortage of love.

 "Smile at your belly and think happy thoughts about
sleep deprivation." Her words not mine. :)

I hurried home from the shower to put potatoes in the oven, and we had such a good time of fellowship with our Mission Community last night.  We got to hear from Sam about his time in France and how he came home with a fiancee instead of a mere girlfriend.

It was quite the weekend.  Until this morning, I hadn't washed my dishes in two days since we've kind of just been coming and going.  BUT, the dishes are washed now, and I've got a lot more than that to do, because we are leaving for a visit with family tomorrow and then on to the beach the next day with the Kizziahs and Pughs (which is another gift of generosity from our church family), so lots of packing and laundry to be done.  I'll see you on the other side. 

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