Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cousin Time

This little blog has been silent all week because we've barely been home except to sleep at night.  We've been enjoying lots of family time with KJ's brother and his little family, as well as a visit with my parents thrown in on Monday night.  Being with family is always such a special treat.

Being with cousins is always a treat.  Our kids are so cute and precious.  #prejudiced  (Are hashtags on blogs a thing?)

 The future of the Pugh name rests on their shoulders...
and the shoulders of their second cousin, Harrison, another
cute little blonde boy.

Haddon's not sure about this sandwich thing.

Okay, maybe it's not so bad.

But I'm done here, and I'm busting out.

Hey, Aunt Lynn.

We hope to get in a little more cousin time before they leave today.  Am I the only one who can scarcely believe it's the 4th tomorrow?  It looks like it may be a rainy one here.

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