Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Week before Easter

It was two years ago that we first used Resurrection Eggs during our family time at Easter.  I wrote about that year HERE and HERE.  They have continued to be such a good way to focus on the events of Holy Week with the kids.  For James at 3, he gets excited to open a new egg each night (as well as review the old ones).  KJ taught him to say, "Jesus came on a donkey."  It's his job to tell us that part of the story each night.

Ella was 4 the first year we used the eggs, and at that age I didn't read anything to her but just shared the story in my own words, simply.  I like seeing how this teaching tool can grow with your kids.  This year, Ella has been reading from her Bible we gave her last Easter.  She's reading whole passages, only stumbling over words such as, Praetorium.  Who wouldn't?

Life is busy and full of distractions, but it is good to come back to the great story of redemption each night.

It's a gift to be able to share in these times as a family.


  1. what wonderful parents you and k.j. are,,,my heart is full of love for the two of you and what your teaching your children,,if only all young parents would do the same,,love you both,,,

    1. We love you, too. All we do is by His grace.