Thursday, March 14, 2013

Strike a Pose

Our city's Parks and Recreation Authority has just opened their newest recreational center that it seems like they've been working on since we moved here.  We've been very aware of all their progress since it is right up the street from our house, and I think we're really going to enjoy having it so close.  To promote the new center everyone is allowed to use the facility for free this month, and last week, KJ promised the kids he'd take them swimming on his off day.  They were so cute in their bathing suits I got out the camera.

 How cute are they?

 "This is how you strike a pose, James."

 He's not quite getting it,
so I suggested he show me his muscles instead.

  "Oh, Ella, you show your muscles like a girl.
Here's how it's done:  you grit your teeth 
and suck in your stomach."


 "Man, this is exhausting."

 "I don't know how much longer I can hold it."

 "Whew...and that's how it's done."

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