Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Move-In Day

A couple of weeks ago KJ and I were able to help Jesse and Sandy move in to their new/first home. 

Getting their couch inside quickly became the biggest challenge of the day.  There's a wall right behind the front door, and the couch couldn't make the turn of that corner, so the guys carried it around back, hoping it might fit through the doorway to the porch that needs to be re-screened.

When they discovered that it wouldn't fit, Sandy's dad was not to be deterred.  KJ later coined a new name for him:  Spider Dan.

Sandy said she was content to just buy a smaller couch, but these movers think outside of the box.

The porch is a good 20 feet off the ground in the back of the house.  I'm not a good judge of distances, so that number could be way off, but it was high enough that I was praying and glad when Jesse grabbed on to his father-in-law, who is standing on some spare wood found in the woods behind the house.

     Can you spot Dan?

At this point I switched the camera to video mode.  A little background music makes everything seem more dramatic, right?

Success at last!  This couch stays with the house now.

 Movers Extraordinaire


  1. Next time we move, please remind me to hire SpiderDan!

    1. I'm sure he'd only be too happy to help. :)