Saturday, November 10, 2012

To Grandma's House We Went

We started our week-long adventure this week with a visit to my grandmother's house.  I got an early Christmas present (a new camera lens!), and I was eager to capture the fall colors.  It was a beautiful hour and a half in the car.

 Ella was eager to look at the beauty around her, too.
 James was eager whatever he wanted.

Ella practiced her gymnastics.  We used to ride on the seesaw and swing on old wooden swings on this frame.  I didn't realize until Monday that my great-grandfather had made the swing set.

 What's that I see?
{I think he was looking for bad guys to shoot with his fireballs.
I kid you not.}

Our latest trick for getting natural smiles out of James is to tell him to tell someone about Mario.  He lights up.  My mom reminded me of Ella's young obsession with The Little Mermaid, so this phase will pass, I suppose.  For now, even with 5 days away from the Wii, he did not forget about Mario and Luigi.

Ever since Alabama History in the 4th grade I've remembered that the camellia was the state flower, but I didn't know they bloomed in the winter.  My grandmother said they normally bloomed in January, but her bush was covered in buds this week.

Leaves, leaves, leaves.  I've spent the past week soaking in their loveliness, "drinking them in," as Anne would say.

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  1. Hello, dear sister. I wanted you to be my companion at this early a.m. feeding.
    So where do I begin (as I type with one hand on a dimly lit computer ;)) . . .
    What a gift to be able to 'drink in' the gorgeous leaves with you & your NEW LENS!! AMAZING!! Truly, each photo is perfection. You're soon to be on the 'best photography mommy blogs" (or whatever they call it) list, for sure!

    How special that you guys got to visit with Grandma Murphy. She looks so happy . . . so does your talented gymnast & 'Mario Pugh' :) Wow, I love your kids!

    I hope James found (and defeated) the bad guys he was looking for, and I wish that old swing set frame could talk . . .

    As usual, your posts are so alive and so charming; you do have a good time no matter what, don't you? :)