Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fall Pictures

Yesterday KJ and I were doing schoolwork with Ella, and we felt so thankful that homeschooling allowed us to all come and be with him this week. It's always good to hear him preach.  We all love him so much.

 Among his other charms and accomplishments, he was agreeable about wearing a scarf for our family pictures when I told him he needed an accessory.  It was most useful for wiping away James' snot and tears when it was time to stop playing and take a picture.  But doesn't he look handsome?

And James was actually an awesome participant in family pictures. Look at that handsome boy!  And that beautiful girl, of course.

KJ's headed home today, and we're driving north to my parents' for the night, excited to see Debbo and B.P. and the newest addition, baby Caleb!  


  1. Beautiful pictures! And I do love the scarf.

  2. I agree ~ beautiful pictures, beautiful family.

    I'm so thankful your choices for this school year have provided for some sweet, extra time together to make wonderful memories!

    I would have loved to have heard K.J. preach, as well (or at least to have been a part of the lake visit), and I do so love the scarf. What a handsome man :)