Saturday, November 24, 2012

Our Thanksgiving

When we headed home Wednesday night it was hard to believe it was time for Thanksgiving.  This year really has seemed to pass so quickly.  Ella has proven herself to be an incredible helper over the past week, and she quickly jumped in to help Debbo make a pie crust in preparation for the morrow's feast.

There's no Wii at B.P.'s house (as James constantly reminded us that he couldn't play "Luigi and Mario)," but he tried to find a substitute in my mom's old Pac Man game.

I've been pinning various pumpkin recipes all the fall long, and I was eager to try this Baked Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal.  It did not disappoint. Well, in a full disclaimer it disappointed my brother who said it was like eating air and then made himself a man-sized omelet chocked full of protein and vegetables.  It shouldn't disappoint the more feminine among you, though.

I got a kick out of Ella cutting up the pound of butter for our pound cake.  I think I've had my butter quota for the year now.

Even pretty girls in long aprons play football on Thanksgiving Day.

My mother out-did herself, as always, and our feast was delicious. 

The rest of our day was filled with afternoon naps, "bad-guy" laughs, and nail decorating.

I'm thankful for a good day with my family.   


  1. What a wonderful day! I'm so glad it was for you all.
    Well, the pumpkin oatmeal looked scrumptious to me, and I love the creative display of those particular photos.

    Though I think my favorite pic is of elegant Ella & the football - still so lovely.

    What did James think of Pac Man? Did Judson see any deer? ;)

    Love you all

    1. No deer. :) But I loved elegant Ella, too.

  2. Oh, and I'd must agree - Debbo definitely outdid herself!
    Happy bellies, happy hearts - no doubt :)