Friday, November 9, 2012

Stuff She Says

In the course of an hour Ella said several things that made me laugh tonight:

After hearing that we were going to do schoolwork, [big sigh] "I'm just...feeling kind of lazy."  

Ha!  I was feeling kind of lazy, too, but that's what discipline is:  Do it no matter how you feel at the moment.

After telling me she needed another snack because she was hungry, I told her that maybe she was just thirsty, and she was welcome to fix herself a cup of water.

"Water?  I'm not really interested in water."

Last but not least, after moving all of her puzzle pieces to another spot in the floor, she grunted and groaned standing up, saying, "I think I'm too old to sit on the floor."

Six is so ancient.        


  1. Made me laugh too! Kam and I are still joking about the "rich folks" comment :)

  2. oh, Ella girl ~ she IS hilarious! We'll make sure she has a spot on the couch at our Christmas gathering, and I do hope she found something interesting to drink ;)