Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What's Up

We've been going strong the last several days.  The kids and I took a road-trip to my parents' house over the weekend, and I spent all day Saturday with one of my college roommates photographing a wedding in her husband's stead.  I think the most important wedding guest was her youngest little one, who was celebrating her first birthday.

Joy and I had a really fun day together.  It was a great learning experience (my first wedding!), and I enjoyed getting to use some really nice equipment.  I got to hold on to one of the lenses for the week...I think I know what I want for Christmas.

 The kitchen floor is a good place for portraits, right?

Our busy weekend ended in saying good-bye to KJ for the week.  He's leading a team to Cuba, and I drove he and two girls from our church to the airport yesterday.  They were joined by our brother-in-law, David, and KJ's good friend of years and years and flew out of Miami this morning.  Pray for them as they had to wake up before 3 a.m.

The kids and I celebrated Big Daddy's birthday yesterday afternoon with pizza and cookie cake.  Big Daddy provided his own birthday party entertainment.
Ella and I spent the afternoon doing school, and thanks to a free Redbox rental, made a trip to Walmart and the aforesaid box.  This resulted in a later bedtime than normal, but I think everyone got a pretty good night's sleep regardless.  As a matter of fact, James just woke up.  I have teaching Ella and a million household chores to keep me busy today, so we should make it through Day 1 without too much incident.

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  1. How are you holding up, sweet sister? I'm thankful that there's so much to keep us busy while our husbands are away. I've been thinking of you a lot & praying for you & the kids - please pray for us, too!

    I love the Big Daddy birthday photos :)

    The new camera lens is fabulous!

    I love you.