Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday's Flashback: Hanham Mount

Our first stop on this Monday morning (starting week two of our trip!) was outside of Bristol at Hanham Mount.  KJ worked really hard before we left trying to find this location where George Whitefield and John Wesley preached open-air sermons to coal-miners.  I think he had heard there was a beacon marking the spot where Whitefield preached his first open-air sermon, but even though it was marked it was hard to find.

It was a cloudy and kind of soggy day as we walked up the path to the little park, a perfect English day.

It was really special to be in this place, where the good news of salvation through Jesus was preached 300 years ago.  I think KJ's heart was very full.

 A Happy Proclaimer of the Gospel

 "Church or no Church, we must attend to the saving of souls."

I mentioned in my post from England this fact, but it still amazes me:  John Wesley traveled the equivalent distance of going to the moon on horseback sharing the gospel.  I also enjoyed the Baptist history this sign contained.

Courtyard of the little park dedicated to the field preachers

 View from the mount
I'm sure it was all green fields when Whitefield stood at this spot.

 John Wesley's famous words

 I think he could feel that way, too.

 Pray for his beautiful feet traveling to Cuba next week.
I'm so proud of him.

 "You are the light of the world..."

I haven't had a chance to look through this yet, but I'm marking it to come back to later.  You can see several mentions of Hanham Mount in these excerpts from John Wesley's journals.

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  1. As always, the photos are amazing.

    I love my brother's "beautiful feet"; I've always been so challenged by his heart & passion for the nations. David is really excited to be spending the week with him. It's very fitting for those two.