Thursday, August 2, 2012

Watch out! Busy day ahead!

I'm going to give myself about 10 minutes to write a blog post this morning, and then I have to get going.  We have a pretty packed few days ahead of us.  

School has been going well.  I'm sure things will continue to vary as we adapt and learn the best way to do things for us.  Monday and Tuesday we did everything in the morning, finished by lunch.  Yesterday I needed to go to the store for bread and milk among other things.  I hadn't left the house since Sunday.  I also had to buy traveling items for my husband who is leaving for Cuba soon.  I was thankful that my mother-in-law was able to keep the kids while I went out...Mom's morning out at Target!  That's happiness right there.  I was able to browse and think about upcoming events (Ella's birthday party) without interruption. 

My morning out resulted in missing my afternoon quiet time, but that was okay.  Ella and I did math, learned about the four seasons, and she wrote her first short story during James' naptime.  I was also able to scrub the tub while she worked on some things, so that was a!

Today we'll be doing school in between the last gymnastics lesson of the summer and an afternoon date for me and KJ.  Are you old when you start going to matinees instead of late-night showings?  Maybe.  But there's no sleeping-in the next morning when you're parents.   

Olympics here we come!

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  1. It was SO GREAT to get to chat today and to sit down now with your post!

    But I must go to bed . . . you're right, there's no sleeping in!

    Have a great weekend

    {talking again next week is a MUST.}