Sunday, July 3, 2011

Through Ella's Eyes

Ella and I are on an adventure together.  We're spending the night at my brother and sister-in-law's apartment tonight and heading to Atlanta tomorrow with my family.  Braves game, fireworks show, and Six Flags are in store.  Ella is pumped up, and I'm really excited, too.  It's so fun to spend time alone with her.  I love the way she sees life.  To set up tonight's story, I must share something from several months back:

While leaving a hospital in Birmingham at night, Ella looked out from the parking deck at the lit-up city and said, "It looks just like Paris!"  Bless her.  Downtown Birmingham.  Paris.  

Lately she's been spending a lot of time in the world of the Lord of the Rings with her daddy.  As  she looked out the car window tonight at the pine trees rising on either side of the road she said, "This is so beautiful.  It looks just like Rivendell."  I laughed.  Then she laughed and said, "That was just a joke.  It really looks like Bree."  I love her.


  1. Unbelievably hilarious! I love that little girl too! Tell her I hope you guys packed plenty of Lembas bread for the journey.

  2. Ha! I sure will, David. :)

  3. david can't stop talking about gold deposits. it's great.

  4. That's really funny, Bryant.