Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ordinary Life

Now that Facebook puts up those memory posts each day (genius idea!  Especially for getting people to still use Facebook.  People love it, and now are even starting to think about things they post showing up in their feed again next year.) I've been missing writing everyday in this space.  Since our lives have changed in such a big way in the past year I'm really thankful that I have a record of all our little favorite spots we went to around Tuscaloosa and of all the ordinary, extraordinary days with our ordinary and extraordinary friends and neighbors.  

I love looking back at posts like this:  just an ordinary trip to the library, but I loved that library, and it played a big role in our Tuscaloosa life.

Our lives move at a faster pace being part of a small church in a small community.  That sounds counter-intuitive, but it has been true for us!  It makes me think of a place in the Mitford books by Jan Karon when Father Tim reflects on how busy and full life is in Mitford.  If only I had my copies here I could find it for you!

Some of my extra busy-ness here comes from the kids being in school half time.  With them being gone part of the week my schedule is freer to be doing things and seeing people.  Being busier gives me less time for recording what we do each day, but it makes me long to do it more!  I like taking the time to stop and record and reflect before moving on to the next thing.  Because the days are busy, and the days are good.  And the moments and the people that fill our lives now won't always fill our lives. It's not possible all the time, but I might try to do more writing in the mornings before the kids wake up.  Even now, something is happening that probably won't always happen:  James is sitting beside me in the dark playing a game on my iPhone.  

The past week has been full of little happenings I don't want to forget like listening to this precious niece singing the Doxology over Facetime.

In later years I might want to laugh over my inability to say, "No, thank you." when someone calls me to ask if I want to resume getting my fruit and veg box.

It's probably worth it just for the photos of beautiful produce. ;)

We had a great week with Matt.  He was pleasant company and an encouragement to have around, and I promise it wasn't just because he painted the kitchen, put an extra coat of paint on the bathroom walls and ceiling, and painted the new and bare kitchen cupboard door.  James was pretty grateful for a night playing Lego Lord of the Rings and Mario Kart.

Yesterday morning after Matt left I put clean sheets and a clean duvet on the bed and fluffed up the pillows because KJ's parents will be in it tonight!  I did all the ironing that piled up during the week of Thanksgiving cooking, and we will usher in the Christmas season in Boroughbridge this evening with Late Night Shopping (shops open until 8 p.m.!) and my first event singing with the Community Choir.  I have plans for a nice warming soup beforehand with all the leftover turkey thrown in.

"...every day in a life fills the whole life with 
expectation and memory and...these are that day”

C.S. Lewis, Out of the Silent Planet

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