Thursday, December 17, 2015

Slow Sunday

Sometimes it's not until I look at pictures that I realize how idyllic our life appears now.  We live in a small English town where the highlight of our Sunday afternoon is watching a hedgehog in the front yard. :)

But really, how cute is that baby hedgehog? 

KJ also laughed when he said the phrase out loud, "Hey, do you guys wanna walk down to the bridge and see the flooding?"  Because what else would you do when the river runs over its banks?

It's that time of year when twilight is three in the afternoon, but even though it's dark, the winter light is soft and lovely.

For some perspective, here's a glimpse of that magnolia tree in the background when KJ's parents visited at the end of May.

It's always such a strange thing to see the water up past it's normal range.

The waters have receded now, and the rain has stopped for the moment.  Last week it felt like we had more rain than we've ever had since moving to Boroughbridge.

It occurred to me this morning how nice of a place we live.  Sometimes you can forget.  It's really wonderful to live in a town small enough to walk through and meet the same people, but at the same time large enough to not have to go somewhere else for the necessities of life.  This is the smallest town we've ever lived in, but there are many much smaller villages, that of course, are very charming.

They're checking out some local real estate available, which from Ella's expression must not be to her standards.

There's no place like where the home lights burn.

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