Monday, November 30, 2015


November really is a month of change and transition.  Our November began with shorter days and lots of fog.

November 1 - The view from our bedroom - All the leaves are gone now.

November 2 - There's always a nice view at this spot when I'm driving Ella to ballet.  In the spring there was a field of golden rapeseed.  

November 3 - I told my mom I'd take a picture of this beautiful cauliflower from my vegetable box.

November 4 - Sometimes you gotta Facetime your husband in his office across the yard.

November 5 - This German chocolate is a revelation in deliciousness.

November 6 - In case you ever wondered what plugs in the UK look like... They are hefty.  This was a picture for my mom to show her our adapters.

November 7 - This old mile marker is in the next village up the road from us.  I was out for a walk and decided I needed a picture.

November 10 - Watching The Jungle Book with this little treasure

November 11 - I've been going to a Zumba class that meets in a village hall a few miles up the road.  This is the lovely view from the car park.

November 12 - Tamsin comes for dinner every Thursday and sometimes teaches the kids Maths. James is demonstrating his skills.

November 13 - The kids decorated Christmas cookies at their school's Christmas Fair.

November 14 - We found a Gap outlet not too far away.  It was a little slice of home.

November 15 - It was just one of those ordinary moments, brushing my teeth with James before church on a Sunday morning, when it struck me what a beautiful, ordinary moment it was.

November 16 - It feels so hard in this season of life to slow down with Bible reading, pick up pen and paper, and be still.  But my soul always feels refreshed when I do.

November 17 - Frosting these brownies.  Raise your hand if they look just like what you ate in your lunchroom growing up.

November 19 - It's time for school!

November 20 - I found a fun ride to the cinema.  I helped Nancy chaperon her daughter and a group of friends, and I was quite happy to do it!

November 21 - Saturday mornings are a good time to snuggle.

November 22 - A rainy Sunday afternoon seemed like a good time to try our hand at painting the bathroom ceiling.

November 23 - The next day - We just decided to paint the whole thing while we were at it.

November 24 - Picked up a friend from the station

November 25 - I finally wrote down all the equivalents to an American stick of butter so I could stop googling for every recipe.

November 26 - Caught in the act licking those fingers while making a chocolate chip cookie cake on Thanksgiving.  Also, Matt the best houseguest ever, painted the kitchen the day before Thanksgiving. We had some places we needed to touch up after putting in our refrigerator.  I was a little nervous about the color at first, but I like it now!

November 27 - Morning Sunshine - It goes so quickly these days.

November 28 - At the end of a week filled with cooking I had let a lot of other household tasks go, making the bed being one of them.  It was nice to come upstairs and find KJ had taken care of that for me.  The bed never looked cozier.

November 29 - An late afternoon walk in the wind yesterday

And today, today rain has been predicted from sunrise to sunset.  We're doing homeschool today, and it's our last day with Matt, and it's time to clean up and plan for an early Christmas celebration with KJ's parents.  

It's been a good week.  I love Thanksgiving, the pause for thankfulness before the lights and magic of Christmas.


  1. I got a good laugh out of the butter conversions. I google every time too! I also finally gave up googling oven temperature conversions and finally made a chart I taped inside a cabinet for quick reference!

    1. I gave up a long time ago, though I think I've figured it out now: 180 is Celsius for 350, and that's usually about the only temperature you need to know! :)

  2. I laughed at the butter -- I asked Siri so many times how much does 1/2 cup of butter weigh. I was afraid she was going to tell me she already answered that. Mine is just written on a sticky instead the cabinet not near as neat as yours. I love your month in review.

    1. Thank you, Beth! This butter thing unites all Americans living abroad, I think! I also memorized this week (because I got tired of getting out the calculator) that 1/3 cup was equal to 75 grams.