Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Days of our Lives in October

Since I blogged every day in October there's not as much need for my picture-a-day project for the month, but I'm going to go ahead with it anyway.  October was a beautiful month, and I was really grateful to have so many chances to photograph Autumn loveliness.  For me, taking a picture helps me to appreciate the moment and the beauty more.

October 1 - James's birthday - These kids love chocolate chip brioche rolls.

October 2 - These were some of my very favorite sparkling waters in America, found on the base here in Yorkshire.  These small gifts from God make me feel profoundly seen and known.  I stuck it in the freezer just like always.

October 3 - Ella possesses the patience and skill James lacks to put together his amazing present from B.P. and Debbo. She's a pretty big Chima fan, too.

October 4 - Early morning jog through town

October 5 - Watching the train go by in Barter Books in Northumberland

October 6 - Blue skies in Northumberland at last! (on the way home)

October 7 - Leaves on the ground going to pick the kids up from school

October 8 - After School Play

October 9 - Early morning before school, discovering what work had been going on in the night

October 11 - Me and Ella Bell, walking home

October 12 - A sunny run past The Devil's Arrows, a good reminder that his arrows can only fall where God ordains

October 13 - One year later I'm still loving my mug from Kara Blankenship.

October 17 - Hooray for Fall!

October 18 - Sunday afternoon at Fountain's Abbey

October 19 - Kids having a chat on the bench

October 20 - Golden tree, Golden boy

October 21 - Pumpkin Carving

October 22 - Half Term, Here we come!

October 23 - Pink light on a Saturday morning

October 24 - Yes, October, you were queen of the sun.

October 25 - Sunday morning jog

October 26 - Giant Leaf

October 27 - Made me think of Miss Marple...but now I'm wondering, did St. Mary love mead?

October 28 - Small kids, Giant tree

October 29 - Just when memories of the Dairy Queen Pumpkin Pie Blizzard were making me homesick...  It's the bits of cookie crust that do it.

October 30 - A timeline of significant events in Winston Churchill's life at Blenheim Palace

October 31 - See you again someday, oh bright sunbeams.

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