Monday, August 3, 2015

What We Did in July

July 1 - An unexpected extra day in London = 1 tired little guy

July 2 - Family Reunion

July 3 - Decorating pillowcases at Elsa's birthday party

July 4 - Party, Party

July 5 - KJ as Peter "from the southern side of the Sea of Galilee" at Grace Church's Kids Club

July 6 - I found this boy on the stairs around 7 a.m. one morning.  Where did those long legs come from?

July 9 - Bedtime Reading (How about that sun at bedtime?)
July 10 - Delivering a meal to the girl with a new baby brother
July 11 - Marshmallow Heart S'Mores

July 12 - Farewell Party for the de la Hoydes

July 13 - Update on a crossstitch project

July 14 - James's Note to his teacher at the end of the year:
"You are really kind
And she is thoughtful
And I love you."
He adored her, obviously.

July 15 - James's Sidewalk Chalk Art

July 16 - Afternoon walk to Aldborough

July 18 - I rode KJ's bike to the next village and saw these magnificent creatures on a hillside.

July 20 - Summer Reading
July 21 - View from a Castle Window

July 22 - Lake District
July 23 - Climbed the foothill of a mountain

July 24 - It could be Rivendell, right?

July 26 - Misty Morning Run

July 27 - Don't mind the big piece of cardboard we use to block out all the early-morning light.

July 28 - Happy Boy

July 29 - The Happiest Flower

July 30 - I love their faces.

July 31 - New Baby Photo Shoot

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