Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Summer Afternoon in the Garden

It has been nearly two months since we went on this outing to Harlow Carr Gardens in nearby Harrogate, but we had such a lovely afternoon, and the flowers were so beautiful I still wanted to share the pictures.

Our friend Sue, whom we met at Grace Church, invited the kids and I to visit with her as she is a member of the Royal Horticultural Society who now operate Harlow Carr.  We enjoyed spending time with her and hearing more about her growing-up years in the area and then being sent to school in Wales.

I love how all the places we visit have activities for the kids.  It turns walking into an adventure, which it should be anyway.

June was the month of the buttercups.  One of the things I've learned about England this year is that every season, and sometimes every month, has the blooming of a particular flower associated with it, and depending on the season, those flowers are just EVERYWHERE.

The gardens had Adventure playgrounds scattered throughout, which the kids absolutely loved.  There were lots of balancing and climbing activities.  We've been to more exciting and well thought out playgrounds in the last few months than ever before in our lives.

A sunny day is always a good day.

James loved working on his balancing skills at the treehouse playground.

We were walking back to the tearoom for refreshments when the kids spotted another playground and couldn't pass it by without taking it for a spin.

I think they were racing through an obstacle course in the above picture.

I'm glad we stopped because I noticed some pretty light and a field of buttercups while we watched the kids play, so we took advantage of it for some silly photos.  At least, James was silly.

Sue treated us to Betty's, which was a treat indeed.

It was probably one of our nicest summer weather days; we just didn't know it!

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