Monday, August 31, 2015

August Review

It's hard to believe the end of the month is here, though at the same time August has felt long and slow, just the way I wanted it to feel.  I wanted it to feel a bit like a normal summer for us, albeit cooler and not as long.

August 1 - It was Yorkshire Day so I tried to step up my tea game.  I didn't make it through the entire pot, so I still have some work to do.

August 2 - I'm glad school is starting again next week for this boy's sake.  He needs a detox from the Wii, and I need a detox from answering the question, "What do I do now?" when I've stopped letting him play.

August 3 - He's still my favorite boy.

August 4 - I think this was around 9 p.m., but these days it's more like 8:30.  Just a few more months before it's 3:45 p.m.

August 6 - Summer light in what will be our new neighborhood.  I use lots of British terminology now, but I can't shake neighborhood.

August 8 - Butterfly Hunting at Newby Hall

August 9 - My runs have lots of stopping for pictures.

August 10 - James and I went to a LEGO party at the public library.  This was our creation.

August 11 - I told myself to hang on to summer, but I can't hide from all the signs that fall is near.

August 12 - Ella and I took our guest, Elizabeth, on a quick trip to Ripon before our Wednesday church meeting.  It just hit me that I live in a place where I can just "pop in" at a cathedral.

August 13 - Sausages at a Block Party our church put on - Sausages are an English staple.

August 14 - Having guests makes me go to places in town I've never been.  Elizabeth and I both had the carrot cake cupcake, and I had my first cappuccino

August 15 - A Sunny Saturday morning in Boroughbridge

August 16 - He's just the cutest.

August 18 - We went to the city.  The kids were in awe of this.

August 19 - Do you see that 4G??  This was the first time I've ever picked it up anywhere around Boroughbridge.  I don't really need it, but it was a momentous occasion.

August 20 - It's just that they call them Fish Fingers here instead of Fish Sticks, so I had to take a picture.

August 21 - I took some pictures around Capstick as we're preparing to move soon.  I want to remember our first home in Boroughbridge (and sometime get around to posting more pictures of it on the blog!).

August 22 - We went to a Medieval Day in a neighboring town.  I love this little knight.

August 23 - My accent color looked a little more Tardis than navy on the roller.

August 24 - It was a southern food kind of Monday.

August 25 - We drove an hour up the road and had the most amazing few hours at the seaside.  It was so refreshing to have such a day of rest, and THE SUN WAS SHINING.  It was beautiful.  I'm so glad to have been with this man through all the changes of the past year.

August 26 - James chipping away...

August 27 - We've taken to watching the Great British Bake-Off with the rest of the country.  It's our first reality show to watch as a family, and hearing James talk about the "star baker" is so funny to me.

August 30 - Yep.  It's coming.

August 31 - Sibling Selfies

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