Monday, November 10, 2014

Welcome to Boroughbridge

We are a good full week into our new life in Boroughbridge, and as I awakened early this morning I thought I'd share some picture of our first day, last Sunday.  It somehow seems fitting that our first full day here was the Lord's Day, the first day of a new week and a new life.

It began with a walk to the next village over where Grace Church puts on a Kids' Club one Sunday a month.  We probably walked 100 yards when James said, "Are we gonna need to buy a car?"

Walking may be a novel thing to the kids, but it sure is a beautiful thing being able to walk outside your front door and see...ENGLAND.

I think having a fun time focused on the kids was a good first Sunday for our kids.  When a very old and gray-looking "Joseph" stepped out to tell his story, James asked, "Is that Gandalf?

After a delicious Sunday lunch and paper-doll playing by the girls, we went out for another walk and to play soccer  football at a local park.  It was fun for me watching KJ play, and it was Ella and James' first time to participate in such a thing as well, and of course, they always appreciate a new playground.
The River Ure


Afterwards we were surprised with a very kind, lovely, and fun welcome to Boroughbridge.

They gave us the full English treatment, and it was perfectly delightful.  Just look at that butter, cream, and jam.
There were even lovely gifts:  flat caps for the boys and tea cups for the girls.

It was a good and full first day, and between all the walking and moving across an ocean, the kids slept until 10 a.m. the next morning. 
Starting week 2, how can you pray?
You can pray for us as we continue to set up a life here.  We were able to cross a bank account off our list last week.  This week we're hoping to get phones and perhaps a car.  I'm also trying to locate and plan out what furniture we'll need as we prepare to move into our house.  Overall, you can pray for us and our children as we adjust to a new life and a new routine, which will still be constantly changing until we're able to move in to our new home.  Pray that we'd give each other lots of patience and love when we have our "moments."  And you can pray as we meet new people and slowly build relationships. 
We've felt so welcomed and been shown such kind hospitality, and that has helped us immensely.  Again, we're so grateful for all of you holding the rope for us.  I'm sure we'll have more detailed prayer requests for you in our next newsletter.


  1. Sounds like a lovely first week! The pictures are beautiful! And I laughed out loud at "Is that Gandalf?"

  2. Thank you, Chrissy! James keeps us laughing. :)

  3. Love seeing the pictures from your new life! Put us on your newsletter list! Love you.

  4. I am so encouraged by these BEAUTIFUL sights and precious words. We are continuing to pray for you all each day, my dear sister, and I am most thankful that you are feeling so loved and welcome. Hugging you ever so tightly in my heart xoxo