Tuesday, November 18, 2014

James' Adventures in England

Someone asked me today about James' accent, and while I haven't heard too many changes in it yet, the question reminded me of some of his funny interactions with British culture and changing cultures in general.

A few days after our arrival it became clear that James had been taking note of all of our many conversations about different names for things in America and in England.  Walking by a front yard garden with a big trampoline in it James asked, "Do they call a trampoline a trampoline?"  "I think so, baby."  "No, I think they call it a tramp."

Coming home from church last Wednesday James had a runny nose and asked for a tissue.  I didn't have one, but our English host offered him a handkerchief.  "What's this?" asked James.  "A hanky."  "What's a hanky?"  "It's like a tissue but made out of cloth."

From time to time it's hard for us to understand what someone says because of their accent, but it works both ways, especially in James' case.  A couple of days ago James came in to the room and said, "Mom, I need to tell you something.  Everytime I talk to Sally she says, 'Pu-din.'"  "Pu-din?"  "Yeah, I say something, and she says, 'Pu-din?'"  "Ohhhpardon.  She doesn't understand what you're saying, so she says, 'Pardon.'"  "It sounds like pu-din." 


  1. Oh, James! What a precious boy. Thanks for the laugh :)