Friday, November 21, 2014

A New House and Autumn Light

Today is an exciting day for us, as we are (Lord willing) moving into our house.  We have been well taken care of during our 3 weeks of homelessness, but I must say I'll be really thankful to unpack my suitcases completely and never have to see them again for a very long time. 

My American friends, you will probably laugh when you see pictures of our built-in-the-1750s cottage because it is very, very English, which you know I love.  When it came time to secure a house, it just happened to be the only one available that met all of our needs (really great location and room for having people in our house) and willing to take a risk on Americans.  The estate agents working with us have been REALLY wonderful.  We are excited about today; you might say a prayer for my husband who will be spending a lot of time with his screwdriver assembling an IKEA bunk bed for James.

These pictures don't have anything to do with move-in day; they're just from a really lovely Sunday afternoon at the playground week before last.  I'm not really used to living here yet because it pains me to do prosaic things like teach Ella her times table when the sun comes out and hits the trees, and it looks absolutely glorious out there. 

This Sunday was a particularly lovely and fun afternoon for the kids.  I think almost all of the kids in our church showed up eventually.  They got completely muddy and had a glorious time.

And the sun set and hit the trees, and I had a glorious time, too.  Glorious is obviously the word of the day.

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