Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tuesday at Santa Fe

Tuesday morning began with me waking around 4:30 a.m.  It was still dark out, and I wasn't entirely convinced of my desire to walk down to the dock in the half-light of dawn to photograph the sunrise.  But then I went out to the car a couple of hours later to get something, and a pink light was peeking over the horizon, and that made the decision for me.

Lake Santa Fe really is a beautiful and peaceful place.  KJ and I spent the second week of our honeymoon here.  You know the people and the place are pretty special when your groom is eager to bring you there in only the second week of your marriage.

The mornings grew progressively cooler while we were there, but Tuesday there wasn't a hint of coolness in the air, nor was it hot; it was just perfectly pleasant and a peaceful place to read and pray and greet the day with quietness.

I watched this guy do his fishing every morning.

Grammy got out the bird book for me, and we discovered the above was a red-bellied woodpecker.  There were two of them singing back and forth at each other.

James raced back and forth between the front door and the mailbox quite a lot, fetching the newspaper for Daddy Jim and carrying out Grammy's recycling.

I wasn't really expecting to be able to swim while we were there; this was probably the last good swimming day of the season.  It was cloudy and started to rain, lightly at first, then it came a downpour, and my crew was out there in it shooting each other with water guns in the storm.  I made them get out when it started thundering, and we rode out the storm in the shelter of the boat.

I was really glad the kids were able to make these memories in Lake Santa Fe with their daddy because I know KJ has so many growing-up memories here.  They found mussels and attempted catching minnows, but I'm afraid they weren't stealthy enough for that.  We also had a reward for waiting out the storm.

It was a lovely day.   

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