Friday, October 24, 2014

The God Who Sees Me + Answered Prayers

This month I've had delivered to my in-box posts in a series about living boldly from A Simple Haven.  Today at the end of a post on boldly asking, this question was asked:  "When was the last time you asked boldly?  What happened?"

Do you ever have Hagar moments?  Those moments when you say--like Hagar when she ran away alone, scared, and pregnant but was found by God in the desert-- "You are the God who sees me."  That is one of my favorite descriptions of God, and I love those quiet moments when something happens that reminds me that He indeed sees me and knows me, knows "when I sit and when I rise...familiar with all my ways." 

Reading that question about the last time I boldly asked was a Hagar moment for me this morning in the midst of our normal routines being suspended as we pack and say good-byes.  It was a Hagar moment because the biggest and boldest thing I ever asked of the Lord was at the end of May 2013:  Do you want us to go or stay?  I'd been praying about it since 2011, but all the thoughts and feelings about where God was leading our family came to a head last May, and I prayed boldly, really expecting and really wanting, to know the answer to that question.  I told KJ what I prayed, and not three days later doors started opening, things started happening, events were set in motion that finally culminated a little over a year later in a definitive, "GO."

And so as our days are nonstop packing, I'm quieted as I remember that He is the One leading and guiding us.

Would you pray for us this week?  It will be busy, non-stop, filled with lots of activity, lots of good-byes, lots of so many wonderful people who have loved us so well here.  

Today I'm giving thanks for my mom and Hillary, who have been helping me pack, and for the amazing way James and Ella have sorted through their things and been completely decisive about what they wanted to take and what they were willing to sell or leave behind.  They've been amazing and laid-back, and I am so grateful.   


  1. Good post. And I am so looking forward to reading about your life and heart and growth in Yorkshire. Love you.

  2. This is beautiful, dear Lynn. Your words and your photos. Wow.