Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Moving Week

If my children ever ask me when they're all grown-up, what they were like the week before we moved to England, I'll tell them about how well they played together while we packed and of how they wanted to sleep in the same room, so we moved James' mattress into Ella's bedroom floor.  They'll hear about how Ella read books aloud to James before bed, and how during the day they complained a bit at the mention of doing schoolwork.  

They have hidden things around the house and made treasure maps that lead you to their hidden treasures.  James has been briefly disappointed at times about leaving behind a few things (like the rug in his bedroom), but he quickly decided he'd like to share it with Haddon.  He is most excited about playing games in "Enga-land."  There have been dance parties and a teary moment.  And now I think they are tired of packing because "packing is boring." 

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  1. This is precious & priceless. We sure love your kids.