Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Saturday on the Gulf

I've been enjoying documenting our farewell road trip and moments with family.  I also love documenting scenery in Alabama.

Our rooms overlooked a bit of a swamp, home to alligators and turtles.  We saw several turtles and thankfully no alligators.

We swam in the pool during the morning then went to the beach for a bit after lunch.  I know I was feeling good and tired and ready to rest by the time we got back to the room and cleaned up.

I really loved this little-boy silhouette.

Somehow the boys still had plenty of energy to run up and down the hall.  We had pizza for supper and then hurried to the beach for a few pictures before the sun went down.  We are excited about the arrival of a new nephew in December!

Beach light at sunset is a photographer's best friend.  Also, Caleb's smile when I called his name = awesome.

After pictures KJ got the kites flying for the kids before we headed in for the night.  It was a great weekend to enjoy Alabama's beaches.

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