Friday, September 5, 2014

Franco Fridays: Stories over Lunch

On our first day in Paris we planned to start the day meeting with our dear friend we met last year, Anjlo, who pastors the Punjabi Church in Paris.  Writing that sentence makes me pause in amazement that the mission of God can bring two pastors kids from small-town Alabama to the place where they now have a friend from Pakistan who is a pastor in Paris.  

One bus stop and a Metro ride later, and we stepped out on those lovely Paris streets.  Some day I might have the opportunity to walk in other cities, but until then, Paris is my favorite city I've been in for walking.  

I love Katie's grin.  She might be just a little excited to be there.  We were very excited to introduce our team to Anjlo and for them to hear his story and all that God has been doing in their church.  It was encouraging to hear again how Anjlo came to faith in Jesus.  I love to hear people's stories.  We were able to hear Anjlo's over delicious food at a Lybian restaurant.  It made me think of the food my parents talked about enjoying in Israel earlier this year.

After lunch we went as far as we could together before parting ways with Anjlo for the day and taking some of our group to the Eiffel Tower for the first time.  And even though I'd seen it before, I couldn't resist taking almost just as many pictures as the first time.

As you can see a big portion of a day in Paris is spent on public transportation, but it was fun with this crowd.

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