Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Frozen Birthday Party

We had a joint birthday party on Saturday for two sweet cousins who, if the Lord continues to work as it seems, will be living on two different continents, in two different hemispheres, on their birthdays next year.  These are our September girls.  Ella really wanted to have a Frozen party this year, and when she mentioned how much fun it would be to have Claire dress as Elsa, I thought it might be fun to have a party together in between their birthdays.  We're happy Claire agreed to the plan, because aren't they the cutest Anna and Elsa?

Katie and I spent Friday night setting up tables and hanging streamers.  Katie bought the pretty snowflakes and shiny table decor at Hobby Lobby, because they are all Christmas all the time, and any printables we used were found on the world wide web.  It's always pretty amazing what people create and offer for free. 

I think everyone was too busy partying to notice much, but I loaded the digital frame in the background with pictures of Claire and Ella from the time Claire was a baby.  We had help from Big Daddy an hour before the party hanging our streamers and snowflakes from the ceiling for a beautiful finishing touch.

Katie's cake masterpiece again...It was beautiful and tasted good, too.  And I don't know about you, but my kids LOVE to eat marshmallows, and marshmallows dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles were no exception.  We all went home with a sugar high, for sure.

Link to Printables HERE

KJ was a jewel among men for taping water bottle labels on in that pre-party hour.  I should mention that Katie's husband, David, was also a jewel among men for taking the boys outside to run around while we ladies scurried about.  This party was a family effort.  We also like to claim Katie Habrial as family-by-marriage, and she set up a table and walked the girls through painting a small canvas.  Everyone loves painting.

Of course, a party's not a party without the people who fill our lives.  It's all for their enjoyment and for our girls.

I've got video of singing, dancing, and painting for tomorrow, proof positive that there was much joy and laughter, and all you really need for a good party is music and a microphone.    

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  1. Oh, Lynn! Thank you so much for beautifully documenting this beautiful day. SO THANKFUL you & Ella had the idea to celebrate together . . . we will treasure this time always.

    We have internet during the evenings (if we have power) and weekends (under same conditions), and I need to sit down soon and do some blog catch up here in this lovely space of yours. I would also LOVE to talk again soon. I love you so, dear sister.