Thursday, September 18, 2014

Birthdays, Birthdays, and...wait for it...More Birthdays

Yay!  It's Thursday!  That's what my heart screams out silently to myself since Ella is still sleeping.  But Thursdays mean KJ is home, and that is always a good thing.   It means I can breathe a little easier and have a little more freedom.  

I was able to put together a little 3-minute video yesterday from Claire and Ella's birthday party on Saturday.  I guess I could have made it shorter and just had the clip of the girls dancing (that was what was so cute and what I loved), but I threw in some other pictures of the painting and coloring because I know sometimes I get tired of scrolling through pictures on a blog.  

In other birthday-related news, James is being pretty adamant about wanting an Angry Birds party, and can I just confess, I've never played Angry Birds?  The only games I like in general, and consequently the only games I ever play on an iPhone, are word games and trivia games.  I am starting to think I might be persuadable to doing whatever James wants, though, because this boy has been waiting for his birthday for such a long time.  He wants cake and decorations and games all for him.  He even told me yesterday that he and John David would decorate the room at the church where we had Ella's party.  Oh, dear...  You know, I really didn't think anything at all could be cute about an angry bird, but this pizza is pretty cute, and Ella would be super-happy about all that pepperoni.

Birthdays 1, 2, 3, and 4.

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