Friday, September 12, 2014

Franco Fridays: The Eiffel Tower in 2014

Our first afternoon in Paris this June combined visiting two Paris landmarks and watching Parker model for us how he talks with the Punjabi and Bengali men who are selling items to tourists around the monuments.  There were three people on our trip who had never been to Paris, and they were pretty excited to be there.  Even those who had been before couldn't keep from being happy at Le Tour Eiffel.

Here's the thing about Blake and Hannah:  they're engaged to be married, and I was supposed to be their wedding photographer.  Sadly, I had to pull out when it became clear I'd be moving, but hopefully the romantic pictures we tried to fit in as we walked through Paris will make up for me missing their big day.  I won't post the entirety of the Blake and Hannah album here, but we tried to make the most out of the happy circumstance of being in Paris with your fiance and your wedding photographer.

After everyone got over their initial reaction to the tower before them, we became a little more focused.  Like last year, I tried to surreptitiously snap a picture here and there.  It's always a pleasure to see Parker doing the work he did in Paris before coming back to serve in a church here.  We were able to hand out the Jesus film in several languages, along with contact information for pastors who speak Bengali and Punjabi.  This can really be helpful to these men, and I think sometimes it just means a lot to have someone stop and talk to them, knowing a little bit about where they are from.

I apologize for all the pictures.  It's just so hard to stop.

I highly recommend wearing a pedometer if you visit Paris.  It makes you feel so accomplished.  My total steps for this day?  15,107 steps - All that walking can make you thirsty, so we stopped in a shady spot to grab a drink and did a little people-watching while we were at it.

Hi, people.

We had a break from the sun and walking for a few minutes when we descended into the Metro again.  Next stop:  Sacre Couer.

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