Friday, July 18, 2014

Franco Fridays: Fontainebleau

I was pretty excited to see Fontainebleau.  Something about walking the halls where Napoleon once walked was appealing.  Unfortunately, when we arrived there on our drive back into Paris, we were disappointed to find that closed on Tuesdays.

Fortunately for us, the grounds were still open, and we enjoyed a nice ramble.  It's probably for the best that they weren't open because had we walked through the entire palace we would have been extremely late getting back to Paris that night.

There were lanes of beautiful trees, fountains, and a lake with giant fish.

I guess if you're not in danger of being caught, you just swim and grow to a ginormous size.

There really aren't any exciting stories to tell (the real excitement happened that night, and I may have KJ tell it); we just strolled around and talked about our trip and what the future might hold.

In addition to giant fish, Fountainebleau also boasted some rather giant...

He was all, "Give me all your bread crumbs and nobody gets hurt."

We walked back through a courtyard and around to a garden dedicated to Diana, goddess of the hunt, which in some ways explained the fountain we found there, but still, I thought the circle of dogs doing their business didn't make for a very classy fountain.

What do you think?

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