Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Simple Life

On Monday the kids and I took a little road-trip with this pretty lady:

Ever since her sister married my brother, Ella has considered Katie family, and of course she is.  We went to visit our mutual relations both because we wanted to spend some time with them and to celebrate Jesse's birthday.

I really love the life Jesse and Sandy are creating.  It feels like a peaceful get-a-way just to swing on their wrap-around porch and walk through their garden.
James was a very methodical water-boy, watering each individual pepper plant for 5 seconds each.

We planned on taking the kids on a bike ride, but we also ended up going on an unexpected hike up a semi-non-existent trail to a clearing on the mountain.  We weren't really dressed appropriately nor were our feet appropriately shod, but Jesse convinced us it wouldn't be that bad, though we were warned of possible thorns and ticks.  I'm happy to report no ticks, no poison ivy, and only a minor poke of a thorn on Ella's big toe.

It was hot day, and drink stops were required every 20 yards.

Sometimes little guys need a boost.

We were sticky with the sweat of an Alabama summer, but there was a nice breeze at the top.  There was some disagreement between Ella and James as to whether the climb was worth it.

A cactus?  Who knew?

I think the best part for the bikers was catching the breeze on the way back home.

And we were all rewarded in the end with ice cream cake.

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