Thursday, July 24, 2014

An Unexpected Birthday Party

James has always loved birthday parties and most of all, cake.

And when we threw an impromptu birthday party for Aunt Katie last week and James asked if his birthday was next, I didn't like to tell him that first there would be birthdays for Debbo, Big Daddy, Caleb, Haddon, Ella, Claire, and Aunt Nicole...THEN it would be his turn.  James' most oft-repeated phrase for a while now has been, "That's gonna take FOREVER."  I'm sorry you have to wait, little buddy.

On to Aunt Katie's party...  I made this Cobb Salad, with all kinds of goodness in it and this Brown Butter Blueberry Cobbler, which was so simple and with a little ice cream on top it was scrumptious.

The rest of the night was made up of lots of talking about the future and the sounds of five children running around and generally making a lot of racket.  There was also dancing.

Ella spent the day dressed in the Laura Ingalls Wilder dress my mom made me when I was in elementary school.  It was just one of those summer days when you feel like wearing period clothing.
 There was a handmade card from Ella; she really does make the best cards.

 Little Karis loves Uncle KJ.  It's the sweetest thing.  There's another Pugh boy who loves Karis, too.

 It was a fun night.

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