Friday, November 8, 2013

Franco Fridays: Windows, Chandeliers, and Mirrors

I definitely have to pinch myself to be reminded that, "Oh, my goodness, I was in Versailles this year."

I was at Versailles on a super-duper, busy, crowded day.  I just realized that the iPhone on the right is my husband's.  Everybody take a picture.  Is that room not gorgeous?  It's the royal chapel, I believe.

If you have a little patience, you can get a better shot.

I love that white stone and the gold accents.  Can't you see all the marquis and marquesses lining the walls in their fancy dress?

Even with all the beauty around you, don't forget to look up.

I loved those black and white tile floors.

Joan of Arc always makes me feel sad.

And broad stone staircases make me feel happy.

Apparently I also like window latches...and the views of the garden through the open windows.

By the time we went through the house and got into the gardens the fountains had been turned off, so I was glad I saw them from the window.

Not only were there beautiful windows, but magnificent doors and chandeliers abounded, too.  I don't think this decorating sense would work in my current home, but the French definitely have style.

Some might say it's a little ostentatious at times, but it is a palace after all.

Light passing through crystal is lovely, and it made the Hall of Mirrors enchanting.

I told you it was enchanting.

I usually have an Anne of Green Gables moment in places like this where I say, "That's one consolation of being have to DREAM all this up."

For many and varied reasons, I'm thankful that France and Versailles were part of my 2013. 

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