Friday, November 1, 2013

Franco Fridays: Headed to Versailles

It's been an entire month since my last post about our mission trip to France, but I'm picking up where I left off with our group on board a train to Versailles.  A portion of our trip was spent getting to know and spending time with teenagers in Parker's youth group as well as with people we met at the Polyglot on Tuesday night.  It's great when you can combine that with seeing something extremely historical and beautiful, too.

 This interaction made KJ and I laugh so much.
I made a comment about Yann's Hawaiian shirt, to which he replied,
"It's not Hawaiian; it's Retro Swag."

Very cool working clock

First glimpse of the palace at Versailles

I always get nervous about writing historical commentary, but I think what I was mainly imagining with my first looks was the anger of the mobs during the French Revolution and what they would have felt looking at this.

  Oh, Louis XIV, and all your extravagance...

But the sun did shine brightly on the palace of The Sun King, showing off its gold trim.
Evan's Elmo shirt at Versailles is suddenly making me shake my head.
Sweet, beautiful Reema

We were there at the start of a holiday weekend, and the crowds were intense, though it was much better when you got inside the gate.

It was really beautiful.  I love seeing the differences in architecture between different cultures.  Since it was my first time in France I was really paying attention to the "French-ness" of it all.

The blue and gold clock is pretty gorgeous, right?  It's a busy weekend around our house, so I've got to go teach reading, writing, and arithmetic, so the glories inside Versailles will have to wait until next week.  Happy Friday, everyone.

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