Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Chris + Angie's Vow Renewal Ceremony

Chris and Angie are two very-much-loved members of our church who celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary last month with the wedding ceremony they didn't have when they were married in a civil service in England.  It was my great joy to be able to take some photographs for them, and I thought I would share a few.

I think a definite plus of having your wedding 30 years later is getting to have your grandchildren around you, and they definitely have adorable grandchildren, who all made up the wedding party.

How cute is this little guy in his tuxedo?

Angie was a beautiful bride, and I think there's something infinitely more beautiful about saying your vows again, after you've lived them for 30 years.  When you first say those vows, you have no idea what keeping them will look like.

It was such a joyful night, a celebration of God's covenant love with us and thankfulness for His grace in Chris and Angie's lives.

I trust there will be many more happy years for this precious family.

Angie does so much in the service of others, and she had sweet friends who worked hard to make this night beautiful for her.  I think they succeeded.

It was a beautiful, happy night in every way.

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