Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall Fun For Kids of All Ages

In between Ella and James taking turns being sick, we had a really fun and lovely day on Thursday.

We joined our church's school at the Rainey Ranch for some outdoor fun.  We all had a really good time, and as always, Ella's former classmates were all really excited to see her.  She usually gets mobbed when she arrives on the scene.

James enjoyed swinging and playing golf.  That little pro made about 5 hole-in-ones.  Golfing with Big Daddy is paying off.

Ella rode the horse and went on a hayride, and then we were excited to get to spend a little time with cousins in the afternoon.

She was blowing me away with her beauty on Thursday. I love seeing her happy and having so much fun.

Despite the threats of rain we got really excited about trick-or-treating Thursday night.  We decided it would be fairly easy to put together a costume for KJ.

 Guess who.

I'd travel through time and space with him.  That's for sure.  And maybe, with a little magic in the air Thursday night, just maybe we did.

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