Monday, July 16, 2012

Brother + Sister

I was trying to figure out how to size pictures to fit my blog's width exactly.  Not quite there yet, but I thought Katie would enjoy a picture of she and her brother (even if my hand shook and made it blurry).


  1. Yes, I enjoyed this so much! Thank you for taking it. I sure love your husband :)

  2. I could be wrong (and you may not need my input!), but it looks like pictures with a 570 pixel width would work for you. I would recommend making it left aligned as well (for some reason that makes my images appear more centered as opposed to officially centering them).

    Just a possibility :) love you and your pictures!

  3. Thanks, O! I'll try it in a bit. I like how you can eye things like that. :) Love to both you sisters!