Friday, February 28, 2014

Franco Fridays: Monet's Garden

The first destination of our 9th anniversary trip was Giverny and the house and gardens of Claude Monet.

The day started a bit on the rainy side ("a light French rain" that we always refer back to now), but by the time we reached our destination the day had turned glorious, and I don't think there could have been a better time to visit a place like this.

At first glance, the colors of Monet's house reminded me of a Florida condominium, but all the colors made it seem like the appropriate habitation of an artist.

Pictures would have been a little better if it hadn't been full sun at the time we were there, but what can you do?

The garden was a beautiful place, and every kind of flower imaginable was in bloom (not that I actually know the names of very many flowers).

 After walking through the garden, we followed a winding stream to the famous lily pond.

I didn't want to look creepy, but I couldn't help snatching a quick shot of this little French girl in her beret, sketching flowers.  She completed the scene.

It was a very peaceful, very lush and verdant place.  I'm afraid this is beginning to feel like a picture overload, but it's hard to contain yourself in a place like this.  

You could while away a lot of hours in this place.  Come to think of it, we probably did...until KJ started hinting that we needed to move along if we wanted to make our next destination.

Photography wasn't allowed inside the house, but each room was painted a different bright color than the last.  I especially loved all the blue and white tile in the kitchen.

The tulips were divine.

He's such a stud carrying my camera bag around for me...even though he's posed in front of a pink house and pink tulips.

We found a place there to grab a quick lunch, and we were on our way.

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