Friday, February 7, 2014

Franco Fridays: Fields of Gold

There have been times in our marriage when my husband's sense of practical logic drove me crazy, but when that same logic thinks it makes good sense to extend our time in France after the mission trip is over since we're already there?  His logic seemed very appealing in that moment, although I went through the usual feelings of guilt about leaving the kids and worrying about what people would think.  I'm so glad he convinced me it was a good idea.  What a gift.  We said good-bye to the rest of our team at their gate and made our way to pick up our rental car.  I was pretty exhausted from staying up until the wee hours packing, but the day was bright before us.

We didn't have to drive very far out of the airport before all the bright yellow fields I'd seen on Pinterest materialized before my eyes, and it was several miles  kilometers before I stopped exclaiming over their beauty.

Time with him on the open road was the best 9th anniversary present a girl could have.

One thing we discovered on our trip to the UK is that we really loved taking the back roads.  And in France, that same KJ sense of logic planned that we would do the same there, especially since you had to pay extra for driving on the equivalent of our interstate.  We love country roads and all the little villages you drive through along the way.

Taking the back ways gives you a chance to pull the car over for pictures...which we may have done quite a bit.

I'm looking forward to re-living our drive through Normandy.

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