Friday, October 4, 2013

We interrupt Franco Fridays with an Anglo Announcement

You can thank my husband for that post title.  

Our mission trip to Paris, followed by our anniversary trip was so good on many levels.  Travel pictures are surreal because looking at that picture, I think, "How could I have really been there?"  I loved Paris.  I loved the few months I spent immersing myself in French culture, and I loved that I was able to see the city first through the eyes of those who love her for the sake of the gospel, of those who want to see people come to know God through Jesus Christ.  I loved being with the church there.  It was an unexpected blessing and joy to make that trip. 

And through an unforeseen turn of events, it's going to be a blessing and a joy to travel back to a place that looks something like this.

KJ and I were invited by the Grace Baptist Partnership in England to come see the work they are doing in Cumbria.  We wanted to make the trip before the holidays and the coldest part of the year came, so plans came together rather quickly, and we will be leaving this Sunday night.  It is no secret of how much we love the UK, and we are excited about meeting churches and pastors there.

2013:  The Year of Unexpected Travels

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